6 Free authentication services for your next app

Authentication is required in almost every app. Any app that requires a user to login needs an authentication service. These authentication services are also called as Authentication SAAS (Software as a service)

Let’s look at 8 free authentication services that you can use in your next app.

1. Warrant

Warrant authentication service

  • Application Authorization and Access Control
  • SDKs and drop-in components to add authorization at every layer of the tech stack
  • Multiple server-side and client-side SDKs supported

2. GetOTP

GetOTP authentication service

  • Multi-channel OTP verification API
  • Drop-in UI component for the login flow
  • Customize the branding and theme of the drop-in component

3. Micro User Service

Micro user authentication service

  • Developer friendly
  • Not entirely free but fairly cheap
  • Support magic link

4. Stytch

Stytch landing page

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Passwordless authentication
    • Magic links
    • OTPs
    • Biometrics
  • Account deduplication
  • Fraud & bot detection

5. Auth0

Auth0 landing page

  • Bot detection
  • Guest login
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Social integration
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multiple integrations
  • Multiple SDKs

6. Firebase Authentication

Last but not least, Firebase authentication is quite popular and used by many developers. Although Firebase authentication lacks many features, it is still pretty good and the free tier is good enough for small to medium-scale projects.


Hope this list of authentication services is useful to quickly setup authentication/authorization to secure your next project 🪪

Ranjith kumar
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