Free open source alternative to Notion along with AI

Are you looking for an open-source alternative to Notion? Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web application developed by Notion Labs Inc.

Here’s a free alternative to Notion along with AI

Introducing Novel

Novel is a Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI-powered autocompletion.

Here’s a demo video attached below

Deploy Your Own

You can deploy your own version of Novel to Vercel with one click:

Deploy to Vercel

Setting Up Locally

To set up Novel locally, you’ll need to clone the repository and set up the following environment variables:

  • OPENAI_API_KEY – your OpenAI API key (you can get one here)
  • BLOB_READ_WRITE_TOKEN – your Vercel Blob read/write token (currently still in beta)

If you’ve deployed this to Vercel, you can also use vc env pull to pull the environment variables from your Vercel project.

Tech Stack

Novel is built on the following stack:


Credits to @steventey for developing this amazing project!

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