Convert text to realistic handwriting using Javascript

hello everyone welcome back to another episode of the spotlight of the day series. Today we have a library called handwritten.js This is a library that helps us in converting text to realistic handwriting.

let me show you an example first.

This is just text the text is converted into realistic-looking handwriting using the library. if someone sees this, they’ll think that is this actually written by someone by hand. it’s converted it perfectly like almost someone wrote it by hand.
You can use this library in multiple ways. you can use it using the cli, you can use it in node.js or you can use it in the browser as well. We’ll try to use it in node.js

Practical use case

let’s say you want to fake your homework and you have some content online you can just copy the content and use this library to convert it into realistic handwriting and you can submit it.

More details are in the full video 👇

Ranjith kumar
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