How to send a list of options and get the user response in WhatsApp API

I made a video explaining how to do Whatsapp automation using Javascript. Someone has asked this question in the comments of that video. Let’s find out!

Here’s the example source code to send a list of products in which users can select one product. After selecting a product, an automatic message will be sent with the message “You’ve select X product”

Demo of sending a list of selectable options using Whatsapp API
Demo of sending a list of selectable options using Whatsapp API

I’m sending the list to a group named “Source Group” in this example. You can change the group name or modify the code to send it to a contact based on your requirement.

const { Client, LocalAuth, Buttons, List } = require("whatsapp-web.js");
const qrcode = require("qrcode-terminal");

const myGroupName = "Source Group";

const client = new Client({
  authStrategy: new LocalAuth(),

client.on("qr", (qr) => {
  qrcode.generate(qr, { small: true });

client.on("ready", () => {
  console.log("Client is ready!");
  client.getChats().then((chats) => {
    myGroup = chats.find((chat) => === myGroupName);

    const productsList = new List(
      "Here's our list of products at 50% off",
      "View all products",
          title: "Products list",
          rows: [
            { id: "apple", title: "Apple" },
            { id: "mango", title: "Mango" },
            { id: "banana", title: "Banana" },
      "Please select a product"
    client.sendMessage(, productsList);

client.on("message", (message) => {
  if(message.type === 'list_response'){
    message.reply(`You've selected ${message.body}`);


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mahmoudi noureddine
mahmoudi noureddine
3 months ago

how to integrate With Google Sheet !! thank you for your Help

2 months ago

Can you please, Help us to show products in whatsApp

1 month ago

what if each list row has a different answer?