Unable to configure sendgrid with postfix in DigitalOcean server (Solved)

If you have installed postfix in your Ubuntu server from digital ocean and trying to configure Sendgrid SMTP then here are the instructions – Sendgrip SMTP with postfix

Looks like ports 25, 587 and 465 are blocked by Digital ocean. So make sure to use port 2525. I wasted a whole day trying to figure out what’s wrong. But turns out that 2525 is the only port supported by Sendgrid and allowed by Digital Ocean.

I was actually using PhpMailer and trying to configure SMTP with that but It did not work So I installed postfix to investigate the issue from scratch and found that all I had to do was change the port to 2525.

So If you had an issue configuring Sendgrid SMTP with a Digital Ocean server then use port 2525 and It should work!

Ranjith kumar
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