Why Google’s Flutter Is Perfect for Cross-Platform App Development

cross platform mobile app development flutter

Technological advancement today has figuratively impacted the lives of millions of people around the globe. 

Thanks to the rapidly changing and ever-developing technical expertise, individuals have started to revolutionize how mobile apps were developed in the early stages.

It is true that the mobile app development today has grown leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when native mobile apps were the ones ruling the roost. 

However, times have changed drastically today, and companies have embarked on a journey to build apps that can work seamlessly on multiple platforms together. This is why developers are trying to focus more on cross-platform apps.

What is the Cross-Platform App?

One of the challenging aspects of any app development is to build a cross-platform app to suit the needs of all customers and businesses. 

Of course, Android is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, but that does not make it the only one in the arena, right? Plus, if you are a professional app developer, then the first thing you would want is your app to reach crores of audiences in a short period.

This brings us to the need and requirement of cross-platform app development. The main agenda of cross-platform app development is to build an app that will be easily integrated on various platforms without having any runtime issues. 

Earlier people used to not dote on the idea of having a cross-platform app due to the many errors and problems encountered while running it.

All, thanks to the change in mobile technology and increasing consumer demand, cross-platform apps have since the call of action for all developers. 

Why Google Flutter Is Best For Cross-Functional App Development? 

It is an already busted fact that iOS and Android are two platforms on which the foundation of mobile technology rests. 

Native apps are built to last for only one platform and are very difficult to port on the other. This is where Google Flutter steps in.

Google Flutter is a User Interface (UI) that pushes the envelope further in hybrid app development. The interface has a codebase that helps in the development of UI’s for both Android and iOS platforms. 

The main advantage of this platform is it cuts the cost of development by allowing app developers to create a single app that can run across multiple platforms.

What Is The Framework Of Google Flutter? What Are Its Advantages?

In short, Google Flutter is an open-source software development kit that is specially created for mobile apps. 

Unlike Kotlin and Java, Flutter is based on the Dart programming language. So, if you want to develop an app on Flutter, then it is of paramount importance to learn Dart first.

The central framework on which Flutter is based is that of the Widgets. Flutter has ready to made widgets on its platform, which developers can easily use for app development. 

Another reason for the popularity of Google Flutter is that it uses Dart programming language, which helps in the early compilation of the code.

Advantages of Using Google Flutter

  1. Saves Both Cost and Time
  2. Outstanding Performance
  3. Faster Checking Of The Application Code
  4. No Compatibility Issues
  5. Free To Use

Saves Both Cost and Time

One of the primary advantages of the tool is that it helps organizations and businesses save money and time. 

Additionally, it also saves you the extra cost required to hire mobile app developers. Think of a situation where there is an urgent requirement of a mobile app that can run extensively on all platforms. 

Developing the app using Google Flutter allows developers to use the same code base for iOS and Android and saves time and resources in the process.

Outstanding Performance

 As already mentioned above, Google Flutter makes use of its programming language, i.e., Dart. This feature gives the platform an extra edge over others. 

Due to its programming language, the codes on Flutter require less time to get compiled as opposed to other languages. 

Another reason why Flutter has outstanding performance when compared to other SDKs is it features its built-in widgets, which reduces the call time between the app and the platform.

 Due to the presence of both these features, apps developed in Flutter have fewer performance issues.

Faster Checking Of The Application Code

Google Flutter has an additional feature that goes by the name “Hot Reload.” It is natural for every developer tests the application code developed by them parallelly. 

Most of the time, it is seen that testing the running application eats away a chunk of productive time. 

To help app developers save the extra amount of time, the hot reload feature of Google Flutter comes into play. 

With the help of this feature, developers can easily track the changes made to their application by simply injecting the updated code into the Dart Virtual Machine.

No Compatibility Issues

As the programming tool comes with its own set of midgets, compatibility issues tend to get abated. 

The widgets in the Flutter get updated each time a new version of Android comes into the market, hence solving the issue of customization. 

Another plus point of using Google Flutter is one can use the new widgets on older OS versions. This makes the app developed on Flutter to work on every OS version.

Free To Use

Google flutter is open-source software. The platform can be extensively used to develop mobile applications as it is free. 

This makes the tool popular with all developers who want to gain the upper hand in developing cross-platform apps.


After taking into account the various benefits of Flutter, one can easily conclude that it is hands down the best tool available in the market for hybrid app development. 

The various devices, compilation features, and midgets help developers easily build an app that can work well on every platform.

Mobile app development requires more than time and effort. So, if you are looking forward to building an app with a limited budget along with tabs on a time constraint, then Google Flutter is the perfect platform for getting started!

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Kathleen Brown
3 years ago

Amazing Blog flutter is more prominent nowadays thanks for sharing it.

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Lee Frates
2 years ago

Flutter can help to reduce development costs. Thanks to the single-code base, you don’t need platform-specific developers. Also, the testing requirements are low, so you can get cross platform application development even if you have a low budget.

Elizabeth Smith
7 months ago

Thank you very much for the blog.