Generate developer resume easily using this free resume builder!

A resume is crucial to showcase your skills in a quickly digestible format. But it can be time consuming and boring to create a resume.

In this blog post, Let’s see how to create a resume for free just by entering your details


OpenResume is a powerful open-source resume builder and resume parser.

The goal of OpenResume is to provide everyone with free access to a modern professional resume design and enable anyone to apply for jobs with confidence.

Resume Builder

OpenResume’s resume builder allows users to create a modern professional resume easily.

How it works

It is very easy to use. Just enter your details in the text inputs on the left side and your resume gets generated live on the right side!

You can also change the fonts, font size and colors using the resume settings options in the resume builder!


Resume builder has 5 core features

1. Real Time UI Update

The resume PDF is updated in real time as you enter your resume information, so you can easily see the final output.

2. Modern Professional Resume Design

The resume PDF is a modern professional design that adheres to U.S. best practices and is ATS friendly to top ATS platforms such as Greenhouse and Lever. It automatically formats fonts, sizes, margins, bullet points to ensure consistency and avoid human errors.

3. Privacy Focus

The app only runs locally on your browser, meaning no sign up is required and no data ever leaves your browser, so it gives you peace of mind on your personal data. (Fun fact: Running only locally means the app still works even if you disconnect the internet.)

4. Import From Existing Resume PDF

If you already have an existing resume PDF, you have the option to import it directly, so you can update your resume design to a modern professional design in literally a few seconds.

5. Successful Track Record

OpenResume users have landed interviews and offers from top companies, such as Dropbox, Google, Meta to name a few. It has been proven to work and liken by recruiters and hiring managers.

Open source

OpenResume is also fully open source. It is built using the following technologies – React, Redux, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Next.js, PDF.js, and React-pdf


Go ahead and create your beautiful resume using OpenResume builder!

Ranjith kumar
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