Machine learning for beginners, a Free curriculum from Microsoft

Microsoft is offering a free 12-week, 26-lesson curriculum all about Machine Learning. In this curriculum, you will learn about what is sometimes called classic machine learning, using primarily Scikit-learn as a library

Machine learning for beginners


Each lesson includes:
  • Optional sketch note
  • Optional supplemental video
  • Video walkthrough (some lessons only)
  • Pre-lecture warmup quiz
  • Written lesson
  • For project-based lessons, step-by-step guides on how to build the project
  • Knowledge checks
  • A challenge
  • Supplemental reading
  • Assignment
  • Post-lecture quiz


Lesson NumberTopicLesson GroupingLearning ObjectivesLinked LessonAuthor
01Introduction to machine learningIntroductionLearn the basic concepts behind machine learningLessonMuhammad
02The History of machine learningIntroductionLearn the history underlying this fieldLessonJen and Amy
03Fairness and machine learningIntroductionWhat are the important philosophical issues around fairness that students should consider when building and applying ML models?LessonTomomi
04Techniques for machine learningIntroductionWhat techniques do ML researchers use to build ML models?LessonChris and Jen
05Introduction to regressionRegressionGet started with Python and Scikit-learn for regression modelsPythonRJenEric Wanjau
06North American pumpkin prices 🎃RegressionVisualize and clean data in preparation for MLPythonRJenEric Wanjau
07North American pumpkin prices 🎃RegressionBuild linear and polynomial regression modelsPythonRJen and DmitryEric Wanjau
08North American pumpkin prices 🎃RegressionBuild a logistic regression modelPythonRJenEric Wanjau
09A Web App 🔌Web AppBuild a web app to use your trained modelPythonJen
10Introduction to classificationClassificationClean, prep, and visualize your data; introduction to classificationPythonRJen and CassieEric Wanjau
11Delicious Asian and Indian cuisines 🍜ClassificationIntroduction to classifiersPythonRJen and CassieEric Wanjau
12Delicious Asian and Indian cuisines 🍜ClassificationMore classifiersPythonRJen and CassieEric Wanjau
13Delicious Asian and Indian cuisines 🍜ClassificationBuild a recommender web app using your modelPythonJen
14Introduction to clusteringClusteringClean, prep, and visualize your data; Introduction to clusteringPythonRJenEric Wanjau
15Exploring Nigerian Musical Tastes 🎧ClusteringExplore the K-Means clustering methodPythonRJenEric Wanjau
16Introduction to natural language processing ☕️Natural language processingLearn the basics about NLP by building a simple botPythonStephen
17Common NLP Tasks ☕️Natural language processingDeepen your NLP knowledge by understanding common tasks required when dealing with language structuresPythonStephen
18Translation and sentiment analysis ♥️Natural language processingTranslation and sentiment analysis with Jane AustenPythonStephen
19Romantic hotels of Europe ♥️Natural language processingSentiment analysis with hotel reviews 1PythonStephen
20Romantic hotels of Europe ♥️Natural language processingSentiment analysis with hotel reviews 2PythonStephen
21Introduction to time series forecastingTime seriesIntroduction to time series forecastingPythonFrancesca
22⚡️ World Power Usage ⚡️ – time series forecasting with ARIMATime seriesTime series forecasting with ARIMAPythonFrancesca
23⚡️ World Power Usage ⚡️ – time series forecasting with SVRTime seriesTime series forecasting with Support Vector RegressorPythonAnirban
24Introduction to reinforcement learningReinforcement learningIntroduction to reinforcement learning with Q-LearningPythonDmitry
25Help Peter avoid the wolf! 🐺Reinforcement learningReinforcement learning GymPythonDmitry
PostscriptReal-World ML scenarios and applicationsML in the WildInteresting and revealing real-world applications of classical MLLessonTeam
PostscriptModel Debugging in ML using RAI dashboardML in the WildModel Debugging in Machine Learning using Responsible AI dashboard componentsLessonRuth Yakubu

Download free PDF

Download machine learning for beginners full curriculum


This is an excellent free curriculum for beginners who want to learn machine learning. Head over to the official repo, explore further, and become a machine learning expert!

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